Thursday, April 23, 2015

Langston's Nursery

Getting engaged left no time for blogging nor anything decor related. Wedding planning took over our life and we got pregnant soon after tying the knot. So here we are almost two years later, so much has changed. Our beautiful daughter, Langston, was born on March 17th and life could not be any more amazing. 

For her nursery, we wanted a calming cozy space, one that balanced out the crazy and chaos of living in NYC. We are not into traditional children spaces with themes, in fact, we stayed away from a theme altogether. We incorporated Midcentury inspired furniture, a mix of whites and pale pink, a unique and personal gallery wall with fun prints for a smart space that is both stylish and highly functional.  

NYC is notorious for its small spaces so we kept furnishings to a minimum leaving our daughter with plenty of floor space for both tummy time and story time.  We still have a few "to do's" to get done, like finding a reading chair (I'm not a fan of rocking chairs) and deciding on a way to display all the wonderful books we received from friends and family. We'll post an update soon. 

Keep scrolling for pictures. 

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